The film production company Oktober Productions was founded by Fahad Falur Jabali and Eggert Ketilsson. Since it’s foundation it has been developing documentary projects such as “Ectstacy” a film about Icelandic artist Ómar Stefánsson and feature film project based on a novel by Sigurlaug “Didda” Jónsdóttir “Erta”. Oktober Productions is preparing a documentary shot in Israel under the working title "Songs of the Holy Land". Directed by Omar Jabali, camera Jonathan Devaney, sound design Árni Gústafsson. Shooting period fall 2013.

After having spent more than twenty years in the Icelandic film industry Eggert and Fahad decided to launch Oktober Productions in order to have a platform of production for their own projects along their work in the industry.

Their aim is to develop and produce quality documentaries and original film projects.